Finance Roundup #3 – 04/25/14


Welcome to my weekly finance roundup. Here, I list my 5 favorite news articles and my 5 favorite blog posts from this week in finance. Enjoy!


News Articles I’m Reading


  1. When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions
  2. by NPR Staff via NPR

  3. Huh? IRS Awarded $1 Million in Bonuses to Employees Who Owed Back Taxes
  4. by Geoff Weiss via

  5. 7 Ways to Make LinkedIn Help You Find a Job by Susan Adams via

  6. 5 College Debt Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe
  7. by Brian O’Connell via The Street

  8. Millions slip into Obamacare ‘coverage gap’
  9. by Jordan Malter via CNN Money

Blog Posts I’m reading


  1. Which Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Right For You? by Me!! via Young Adult Money (I guest posted on YAM this week – big thank you to David Carlson!)

  3. Have You Conducted a Productivity Audit? by Addison Cash via Cashville Skyline

  5. Frugal Living: How We’re Saving Money On Our Wedding (And How We’re Not) by Shannyn via Frugal Beautiful

  7. Be Proud of Your Emergency Fund!
  8. by J. Money via Budgets Are Sexy.

  9. The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading
  10. by Mark Cuban via Blog Maverick

    What did you read this week? Anything good?


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